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Saturday, 08 May 2010 23:59

Garmin GPS Map

The new portable Garmin GPSMap is an advanced GPS receiver for receiving satellite signals faster and in more aircraft. All Garmins are WAAS enabled: The Wide Area Augmentation System, also used by the FAA and DOT, provides satellite transmission connections for GPS accuracy and signal corrections. Load the Garmin GPS Map 60Cx up with extras like City Navigator street maps and BlueChart marine cartography: Garmin's GPS Map 60Cx will delight both the urban dweller and outdoor buff.

* All Garmins are hardy and durable, with a generous repair policy if needed.
* The color screen sure is pretty, a nice Garmin GPS Map .
* The remarkably fast USB connection. The USB interface cable is standard with your purchase (you can power your handheld GPS through the cigarette lighter in a car, just like with a cellphone).
* Dedicated geocaching mode with vertical and horizontal accuracy.
* The preset locations, or important waypoints if you set them.
* You can watch your progress on the map page.
* Precise autorouting and global positioning: The position measurement accuracy is truly great. While geocaching, I've never been more than a yard or two from the hiding Garmin GPS MapĀ  set location.
* Compatability with Garmin's POI (point of interest) loader: Download your info via the SD slot.

* On bright, sunny days, you really need the backlight to see the screen - this drains the battery pretty quickly.
* The difficulty of learning to navigate this complex little gadget. GPS learning is strangely not intuitive; you need to really read the instruction manual.
* The manual assumes a certain amount of tech savvy which casual users (read: me) may not have, and some of the learning seems unsequential.

The instructions could be laid out better; if reordered, there would be less flipping back and forth.The Garmin GPSMap website has tech help just for newbies and frustrated users who are sick of flipping through their handbooks. However, the instruction manual does have enough graphics and simple explanations (once you find what you need) for the technically impaired!

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