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Written by Mongoose Bikes   
Monday, 14 June 2010 08:21

I have recently been in the market for some cancer insurance for my father who lives in Texas and thought I would share my experiences with my small base of followers here in case some of you guys are in the same dillema. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 2 months ago and was given less than a five year survival rate. Upon thinking about our current finances with my father and some joint loans we have together, I decided I better take out an insurance policy to help cover some of the expenses.

Little did I know obtaining life insurance in Texas was almost impossible once someone has been diagnosed. I ended up stumbling across a company that actually specializes in Texas Cancer Insurance and lump sum cash plans for Texas residents. The cancer plan was almost too easy, these guys didn't require a doctors visit, didn't send an agent to my house and all the normal high pressure tactics used by life insurance companies there in Texas.

I finally chose a Texas lump sum cancer insurance policy that was not only affordable but very easy to get set up. The company was fabulous and closed the deal quickly, giving me immediate piece of mind. So if anyone is looking for lump sum cancer insurance, please check this site out...

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